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Desafio Jovem(Youth Challenge)


It is a challenge launched to young people aged between 14 and 24 years old, to identify solutions to challenges in education, employability and civic engagement. It is an inclusive initiative, placing young people from disadvantaged backgrounds at the center of entrepreneurial solutions to be developed, giving them the tools and support necessary to develop solutions for the problems that their communities face themselves. This challenge is being developed in around 40 countries, and São Tomé and Príncipe, in a joint initiative between UNDP and UNICEF, carried out for the first time here.

The country has chosen two strategic priorities launched to young people from São Tomé and Príncipe, who participated in this challenge, namely:

How to mobilize and empower young people to be actively involved in environmental issues?

How to involve and engage young people to prevent early pregnancy?

With the launch of the Bootcamp, in February 2020, five national teams were selected, in the various social areas, such as preventing early pregnancy and raising awareness to reduce excess waste, to a healthy environment, a subsidy for the implementation of their projects locations.

Winning Projects:

Luz de Agostinho Group - With the “The Power of youth” Project, which aims to combat waste in the community of Agostinho Neto, and reuse it for recycling, and raise awareness of people to take care of the environment.

Grupo Mino ié - With the project “The cleanest city”, which aims to help solve the problem of excess garbage.

Young Volunteer for the Future Group - With the project “Combat the Early Pregnancy”, which aims to educate and sensitize the community in general about the consequences of teenage pregnancy, and the importance of contraceptive methods for the prevention of sexually transmitted diseases.

Youth of the Future Group - With the project “Sexual Education for the Extinction of Pregnancy in Adolescence”, which aims to raise awareness about the prevention of teenage pregnancy.

Grupo Os Resilientes - With the project “The Lack of Sanitation in the Capital City”, which aims to promote Sanitation in São Tomé and Príncipe, with particular attention to the capital city.


This International initiative, which resulted from the union of UNDP's efforts in partnership with UNICEF, had as its central objective to support young people in order to be in the center of attention to solve the problems of their communities.

Challenge 1: Teenage pregnancy

Young people developed several initiatives to combat pregnancy at this stage.

Challenge 2: Environmental Issues

Young people developed several ideas for reusing waste and raising awareness of sustainable use.

Expected results

  • Encouraging Young People to Civic Concept
  • Encourage young people to want to do something for the community
  • Give young people the opportunity to create solutions to the problems they identify in communities