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SDG Fund Social Protection Joint Program
About the Project

Social Entrepreneurship - Joint SDG Fund Social Protection Program

The SDG Fund Social Protection is a joint program of the United Nations System in São Tomé and Príncipe, through the involvement of various agencies, in partnership with the Ministry of Labor, Solidarity, Family and Vocational Training, and other Ministries for the period 2020 and 2021. Its objective is to support the realization of the social registry (RS), through the elaboration of a framework of interventions aimed at improving the access of extremely poor families to social protection and social services, in three of the seven districts of the country, namely Lembá, Água Grande and Mé-Zóchi.

The inclusion of social entrepreneurship is the result of the successful implementation of the project - Encouraging young people to become social entrepreneurs in 2019, in the development of skills in social entrepreneurship, carried out in partnership with the Ministry of Youth, Sports and Entrepreneurship, and the Chambers of Água Grande and Mé Zochi. However, current social entrepreneurship initiatives fall within the scope of the participation of UNDP, in the youth component, in the joint program, through the project Health Information System and youth entrepreneurship- Social protection in STP.

Among the main activities developed are the follow-up process of the winning projects of the previous program, and youth engagement activities in the area of ​​social entrepreneurship, highlighting the production of Podcast, Conversations with Social Entrepreneurs, video projection and preparation of a booklet .