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Our Team

Vinício Pina

Minister of Youth, Sports and Entrepreneurship
Nelson Mndes

Nelson Mendes

Director of the Ministry of Youth's Office

Alexsander Ferreira

Entrepreneurship Director

Carlos Delfim Neves

Youth and Sports Advisor

Switzer Batista

Legal Advisor

Euridiney de Assuncao Pinto

Advisor for Institutional Communication and Cooperation


"Dear Entrepreneurs,
Allow me first of all to wish you and your families success in this new journey that is now beginning. 
In the last two years, with the creation of the Entrepreneurship Directorate by the XVII Constitutional Government, under the supervision of the Ministry of Youth, Sports and Entrepreneurship, I must say that we had a clear sign of what we want with National Entrepreneurship. With a very special attention to Youth Entrepreneurship.
We have worked hard with our partner UNDP, in the true creation of an entrepreneurial environment in STP, making available to national entrepreneurs several important tools, aiming at the development of National Entrepreneurship. Among them, Training, Lecture Cycles, District Conferences and Entrepreneurship workshops, Workshops, Financing of business and social projects, elaboration of the Entrepreneur Guide, Creation of Business Incubators in Sao Tome and Principe Island, Mapping of businesses, elaboration of Strategy for the management of the first Business Incubator Network, and now, with great satisfaction we are launching this recently created Digital Entrepreneurship Platform.
We are aware that there is still much to be done, in view of our objectives and desired levels. We reiterate our commitments to do all we can for the growth and development of national entrepreneurship, which in turn will contribute to the generation of more employment, more income and more creativity and innovation in our beautiful country.
I would like to end by expressing my special thanks to UNDP for its support and partnership, and above all for believing that together we will get there.
Thank you for your attention".