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About Us


The Entrepreneurship Directorate is the service of the Ministry of Youth, Sports and Entrepreneurship, charged with defining, proposing, conducting and evaluating government actions and policy in the field of promoting entrepreneurship in São Tomé and Príncipe.

Our mission

a) Support entrepreneurs in the development of business dynamics and in the creation of innovative ideas for society;

b) Promote the valuation of entrepreneurial initiatives;

c) Collaborate with entrepreneurs in promoting business sector initiatives, whether in industrial, commercial or service terms;

d) Develop activities that boost talent for the creation of business initiatives based on their own ideas and;

e) Encourage cadres to generate their own jobs, based on innovative ideas;

f) Promote initiatives for the creation of innovative companies, within the youth associations and their respective;

g) Select, inform, guide and disseminate the various documents of a technical and other nature.

Our team

Alexsander Ferreira

Entrepreneurship Director

Selcio Araujo

Project Study and Planning Office


National Sports Institution Documentation Information Office


Financial Administrative


Study and Planning Office


Dear entrepreneurs and context challengers.
Allow me to address you through these short words of motivation in the form of a vision.
The dynamics of development of the world economy has been strongly influenced by the consolidation of a new technical-economic paradigm, where the globalisation of the economy leads the productive sector to a growing effort in search of competitiveness.
The innovation-competitiveness binomial, in this context, constitutes a fundamental element for the modernization of the national production park, with a view to expanding its participation in the national and international trade of goods and services.
Technological innovation - understood here as the transformation of knowledge into products, processes and services that can be placed on the market, becomes increasingly important for the socio-economic development of the most diverse countries, which recognize that to improve and expand their industrial and export structures, carefully formulated measures are necessary to stimulate science and technology activities that are articulated with the demands of the productive sector.
Among the mechanisms and institutional/business arrangements that enable the transformation of knowledge into products, processes and services, Entrepreneurship stands out, a context where knowledge, efficiency and speed in the innovation process become recognized as decisive elements for the competitiveness of economies.
All this to say that the development of management and technological capacity, training, the concept and facilitation of life for entrepreneurs and the creation of opportunities will be our bets, through strategic policies that meet the creation of an entrepreneurial and business culture together with our internal and external partners, but with an entrepreneurial spirit, we are sure to be resilient and overcome the goal.